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Opatija's Coffee Festival
When the entire town smells of coffee …

From 30 March until 1 April, the top theme in Opatija will be the enjoyment of your favourite morning drink – coffee. The new Coffee Festival will offer visitors three days of coffee sampling and a great chance to savour a wide variety of desserts made of coffee with aromas that you may not have encountered before…

Close your eyes and imagine that you are walking around a town, and there is intoxicating scent of coffee at every step. Make this dream come true: from 30 March until 1 April, Opatija will welcome you at the Coffee Festival.
As in previous years, coffee will be the main topic in almost all Opatija's hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars. Cups of coffee will be offered in the open air at a symbolic price. In line with Opatija's "imperial" past, the offer will include a wide range of innovative beverages: the "Imperial Coffee", the "Mozart Coffee", and other aromatic combinations prepared to some old and some new recipes. In addition, visitors will have the chance to taste numerous delicacies with coffee aroma – just like in the Austro-Hungarian period, when Opatija continued the tradition of Viennese cafés. The festival will also have an exotic note. Coffee with vanilla and cinnamon – this and much more will be offered at this year's Coffee Festival.
Various bars and restaurants have also prepared show cooking performances during the festival. For those who are interested, there will also be divination with coffee grounds.
The professional part of the festival will include the 6th Croatian Competition of Baristas in the Hotel Imperial's Golden Hall. Competitors will have a difficult task: in 15 minutes they must prepare four espressos, four cappuccinos with and without latte art, and four beverages with signature, that is, coffee-based cocktails according to their own recipes.
If you like coffee and are aware of its numerous positive effects, make sure to visit Opatija and enjoy three aromatic days in this town. With some luck, your cup of coffee might be served by Croatia's best barista.