Kvarner newsletter / no 50

We proudly present
Lovranske vile – healing programmes

There are not many wellness hotels boasting programmes like those offered by the Lovranske vile company. What makes its accommodation properties – the Villa Astra, Villa Adela and Casa Oraj – so unique are not just the superb programmes and services offered, but the way in which, every detail in the properties has been carefully designed to create a special atmosphere that helps heal your mind and body.

When a tourist company is run by a trainer for intuition and awareness, who considers members of his team as close friends and supporters, one thing is sure – a holiday in such surroundings will definitely be a healing one. If we add to this a series of unique therapeutic and transformation programmes, fresh food from the own garden, and cultural events as an additional benefit, it becomes clear that we are speaking about a high-quality wellness concept. This is the offer that makes the properties and programmes of the Lovranske vile company truly unique, not only on Kvarner, but also in Croatia and in general.
Lovranske vile include Villa Astra and Villa Adela in Lovran, and Casa Oraj rural household located at the foot of Mount Učka, in the hinterland of Lovran. The properties have a relatively small capacity, and the guests are received with full attention in a friendly environment. The treatments are characterised by a high-quality individual approach.
There are many features that make Lovranske vile different from other hotel companies. One of the reasons for this uniqueness is the opportunity to benefit from the floating treatment in a highly concentrated solution of Epsom salts. Such floating therapy helps reduce acute pain and has a positive effect against stress, which makes it one of the rare medical treatments for achieving the state of deep relaxation, which can otherwise be achieved only through meditation or immediately before falling asleep.
Ayurvedic programmes include yoga exercises, group meditations, and visualisation and breathing techniques exercises.
Instead of classical wellness programmes, guests at the Lovranske vile have the chance to experience the benefits of proven therapeutic massages - raindrop, shiatsu, abhyanga shareera, shiroabhyanga, udwarthanam… These are the treatments that are at the same time relaxing and help eliminate health problems. In addition, visitors can learn how to prevent unbalance of basic biological energies (Dosha) in order to prevent the occurrence of disease. With this aim, Lovranske vile daily serve organic menus and teach visitors how to exercise, relax, and achieve a longer, healthier and happier life. This is the daily motto of the Lovranske vile staff: it is therefore no wonder that visitors here are not only considered guests, but also friends for life.