Kvarner newsletter / no 4

Baška – the island of Krk
One hundred years of the Vela plaža Beach

The small town of Baška celebrates an interesting anniversary – one hundred years of its oldest swimming baths, the Vela plaža Beach

The hundred-years-old swimming baths on the Vela plaža Beach in Baška on the island of Krk opened to their first swimmers in May 1908, when the new bathing property with 18 beach huts was inaugurated. It was the first property of its kind on the island, and only one year later another wing with additional 18 huts was added to the building.

Vela plaža is a 1800-metre-long natural pebble beach offering space for several thousand people, and also suitable for children and non-swimmers. For the last nine years, the beach has been awarded the Blue Flag, a European recognition of the cleanliness of the water and the high beach standards. Visitors here can rent pedalos, surfboards, sunshades, deckchairs and other beach facilities needed for a pleasantly relaxing time.

Baška is one of the best-known tourist destinations on the island of Krk, and continues to attract numerous visitors from many Central European countries due to its favourable location close to their hometowns. The small town of Baška is located in a cove at the end of a valley and is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and lushly growing Spanish broom. In front of the cove is the small island of Prvić, while beyond it rises the picturesque karst Mount Velebit.

Visitors to Baška can find accommodation in the Zvonimir, Corinthia and Tamaris hotels, the Adria and Corinthia villas, the Burin and Antonia pensions, or the Bunculuka and Zablaće campsites. In addition to these, there are many private individuals offering accommodation in rooms and apartments to a large number of visitors.