Kvarner newsletter / no 50

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Embark on a space adventure

If you would like to learn more about space, what far-away planets look like, and many other interesting things, we suggest embarking on a true space adventure in the popular Rijeka Astronomy Centre. On 17 March, the centre will mark the International Day of Planetaria with an attractive programme.

On 17 March, the Rijeka Astronomy Centre will mark the International Day of Planetaria with an extensive programme from 11 a.m. until 9.30 in the evening. Being the only astronomy centre in Croatia with observatory and planetarium, and the only institution of this type with a digital planetarium in the region, the Rijeka Astronomy Centre really has a lot to offer to its visitors. Since the programme puts emphasis on marking the International Day of Planetaria, all events will take place in the centre's large digital planetarium.
The programme will start with the children's film "Safari through the Solar System" and guided tours entitled "A View into the Planetarium". At noon, interested visitors will have the chance to enjoy "Kaluoka'hina: The Enchanted Reef", one of the first family entertainment animated feature films originally produced for the 360° dome projection. It is a funny adventurous story about the amazing underwater world that introduces the viewers in an interesting way to this magical and fragile habitat, and also teaches us how underwater world affects the natural balance of our planet. This film will be on regular programme of the Rijeka Astronomy Centre in March, which means that interested visitors can view it on other days too.
After that follows the film "From the Earth to the Universe", and at 18:00 starts the attractive planetarium live show "The Sky Beneath Us". Early evening hours are reserved for the film "Touch the Edge of Universe". If the film "Kaluoka'hina: The Enchanted Reef" made you wonder how such films are made, you can learn something about that on the lecture "Making a 360 degree film" by the author of the film Peter Popp. The lecture starts at 20:30.
The programme ends with the "Opera Among Stars" performed by the Diamante Classics group.
During the International Day of Planetaria, the Rijeka Astronomy Centre will also host the exhibition of models "Find the astronaut".
Apart from that special day, Rijeka Astronomy Centre will continue with its regular programme throughout the month of March. On the last day of the month, 31 March, the centre will mark another important date – the Earth Hour. On that day, there will be an educational presentation about the climatic changes issue before the start of the regular film programme at 19:30. Last year, 5,200 towns from 135 countries joined the Earth Hour.