Kvarner newsletter / no 50

Easter Monday
Old timers in Opatija

For many visitors, Easter Monday is a perfect day for relaxation, taking a laid-back stroll and enjoying early spring. However, for the third year in a row, visitors to Opatija on Easter Monday will have the chance to admire beautiful classic cars. If you are planning a holiday on Kvarner, do not miss the chance to visit Opatija's Slatina Beach on Easter Monday.

For the third year in a row, Opatija will offer its visitors the chance to admire attractive classic cars on Easter Monday. If you happen to be on Kvarner during Easter holidays, or if you decide to come here for this very reason, do not miss the chance to come to Opatija's Slatina Beach in the morning hours of the Easter Monday, where classic car owners will meet on that day. The programme starts at 10 a.m. with light refreshment and simple traditional Easter specialities such as Easter bread and eggs.
Several years ago, the organisers of the event, members of Opatija's Liburnia Classic Club, came up with the idea of presenting their classic cars to the public. The Oldtimer Exhibition brings together classic car owners from the local area. In agreement with the owners, visitors will have the chance to see for themselves how it feels to sit in a classic car and also make photographs. The exhibition will also be a great chance to exchange experiences. Maybe it will also inspire some of the visitors to buy a rare classic car...
In Opatija and surroundings there are many classic car owners, who will display some items from their collections at this exhibition.