Kvarner newsletter / no 4

Svežanj Cove, candidate for the Blue Flag

The cove of Svežanj in Kostrena, located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Rijeka, should this summer be awarded the Blue Flag. However, its candidature for this prestigious award requires a series of interventions in the environment, which means improving the conditions on this part of the coastline by the beginning of the season.

The work should begin in April, and the new appearance of the Svežanj Cove should be ready by May, when it will be visited by the commission of the Lijepa naša Association that will decide if this beach, the third largest beach in Kostrena, deserves the Blue Flag. The project of tending the cove, which in summer has more than one thousand visitors every day, will cost the municipality’s budget ca. 27,000 euros.

According to the plans, the beach will be widened by crushing large round pebbles in the northern part of the cove, where access to the sea was more difficult, and by laying down a path to connect all the rocky and pebbly parts of the cove that are used by swimmers in the summer. On the beach there will only be minor interventions, because the experts of the Museum of Natural Sciences want to it proclaim it a protected area.

In addition to the access path, the beach in the Svežanj Cove will get new showers and chemical toilets, and the safety of the beach's users will be overseen by a lifeguard service. In order to improve swimming safety and to protect the cove, access to Svežanj from the seaside will be protected by a “barrier” of boats.

The cove’s surroundings should also be renovated by summer. This will include the access path to the beach, starting from the steps that descend to the beach from Ulica kostrenskih pomoraca Street, clearing some of the existing greenery and planting more vegetation typical of this area.

Kostrena is an old coastal town that was first mentioned at the beginning of the 15th century. It consists of two major parts, Sv. Lucija (St. Lucy) and Sv. Barbara (St. Barbara), which were named after the churches in these areas.

The municipality of Kostrena is located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Rijeka, surrounded by the cove of Martinšćica and the Bay of Bakar. This area is actually a 10-kilometre-long peninsula gently descending to the sea. Along the coastline there are some beautiful beaches, visited by many swimmers during the summer months. The most popular beaches are in the coves of Žurkovo, Smokvinovo, Svežanj, Spužvina, Podražica, Nova voda and Perilo.