Kvarner newsletter / no 4

Gorski kotar
Presentation of the new guide for tourists

Over the last fifteen years, destinations in Gorski kotar have been adding new attractions, programmes and services to their offer and can now compete with famous health resorts along the coast. Reason enough for the third, revised edition of the Gorski kotar Tourist Guide.

The revised, or more accurately new, 110-page edition of the Gorski kotar Tourist Guide has been translated into English, German and Italian and provides plenty of relevant information about the tourist attractions of the entire Gorski kotar region.

The reason for issuing a new edition of this guide is not only the increased availability of accommodation in apartments, holiday homes, pensions and hotels, but also the choice of new programmes including activity holidays, gastronomy and traditional tourist products of the region.

Gorski kotar is very special throughout the year. In summer, this is the perfect destination for guests who are not too keen on sun, sea, heat and crowds. Gorski kotar offers great opportunities for relaxation, entertainment and refreshment in the shade of dense forests and by the sides of beautiful lakes. This idyllic image is even more impressive in winter, when the snow-covered landscape offers excellent opportunities for recreation. After snow, you are invited to relax beside a roaring fireplace and refresh your energy with some traditional specialities of the region.

Springtime, when nature awakens in a thousand colours, and autumn, are the best seasons for nice relaxing strolls in the healthy, pleasant climate of the hills, meadows and lakes, or for gathering plants and fruits of the forest. This is a very special experience, completely different from visiting crowded urban areas.

No matter how often you visit Gorski kotar, there will always be something new and attractive to encounter in its preserved forests, hidden valleys, clear rivers and lakes, Risnjak National Park, strict nature reserves, monuments of natural and cultural heritage, traditional customs and, above all, the sincere hospitality of the local people. This is an invitation that will certainly attract many visitors to spend at least part of their holidays in Gorski kotar.