Kvarner newsletter / no 4

Strategic goals for tourism in the Municipality of Vinodol
New amenities for more visitors

According to the new strategic goals for the development of tourism in the Municipality of Vinodol, two basic types of tourism will be encouraged in this area – rural tourism and excursions, offering new attractions and amenities for visitors.

The Municipality of Vinodol is located in the Valley of Vinodol, some three kilometres inland from the coast. The Municipality of Vinodol Tourism Office will make every effort to offer new attractions and amenities to their guests in accordance with the new strategic development goals which foresees the development of local tourism in two main directions: rural tourism and excursions. Rural tourism presupposes accommodation in traditional rural houses in the Vinodol valley and the forest areas, in combination with sports and recreational programmes: hiking, walking, hunting, fishing, parachuting, hang-gliding, cycling, free-climbing, and general sports training programmes.

The excursions will include visits to the region’s cultural and historical landmarks, such as the well-known route “Following the paths of the Frankopan Family”, an exhibition dedicated to Juraj Julije Klović in his birthplace of Grižane, Glagolitic monuments and rural architecture. Excursion programmes will also include sports and recreational activities, such as walking around Tribalj Lake, or gathering medicinal plants and mushrooms. In addition, guests are invited to try the advantages of the so-called “tourism for gourmets”: some local restaurants and tourism professionals have started a project aimed at presenting traditional dishes prepared to old recipes of the region.

Cultural tourism will be tailored to the needs of specific groups wishing to visit some of the cultural events of the region, such as Vinodol Summer Evenings, Ružica Vinodola wine festival, Days of Figs and sports fishing.

The Municipality of Vinodol stretches from the coastal town of Novi Vinodolski to Križišće in the hinterland, covering an area of ca. 150 square kilometres. Almost 50 percent of the area is covered with woods that border the region of Gorski kotar.
The centre of the Municipality is Bribir. Two historically important places in the region are Grižane-Belgrad and Drvenik, whose representatives signed the famous Vinodol Law in 1288, one of the oldest legal texts in this part of Europe.

Services are held in twelve churches, and there are ruins or traces of 27 more churches, which shows that this area was once an important ecclesiastical centre. Each place has its own patron saint: St. Peter and St. Paul in Bribir, St. Martin in Grižane-Belgrad, St. Elisabeth in Tribalj, and St. Dujam (Domnius) in Drivenik.

Apart from churches and other sacred monuments, there are many other historical and cultural landmarks in this area, which is characterised by a gentle landscape with numerous traditional elements. In the immediate vicinity of the Municipality of Vinodol are the well-known seaside resorts Novi Vinodolski and Crikvenica.