Kvarner newsletter / no 5

Kvarner Expo 08
Heritage as the basis for souvenirs

The range of original souvenirs offered in the Kvarner region and all over Croatia is constantly improving. This is attested by the variety of souvenirs on the shelves of the shops in tourist destinations, but it became even more obvious on the 5th exhibition of souvenirs Kvarner Expo 2008 that took place in Opatija between the 19th and the 22nd of March.

The Kvarner Expo fair in Opatija presented souvenirs by more than 300 exhibitors from all over Croatia, which was an excellent shopping opportunity for many guests who decided to spend their Easter holidays in Opatija. The exhibition presented souvenirs from all over Croatia, proving that the inventive energy of souvenir manufacturers can transform the country’s rich heritage into attractive souvenirs. Items exhibited included clothes, handiworks, practical items with stylised Mediterranean motifs, cosmetic products based on olive oil or lavender, and delicious sweets and beverages based on traditional recipes and ingredients. For all those who did not visit the exhibition it should be emphasised that the range of souvenirs offered in tourist destinations is constantly improving, and that they will be certainly able to find original products that will long remind them of their stay on Kvarner.   
Kvarner Expo was organised by the Association of Craftsmen Opatija, the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar Chamber of Trade, and the Alpe Adria Expo Company, under the sponsorship of the Kvarner County Tourism Office.