Kvarner newsletter / no 5

Frog jumping competition

The traditional frog jumping competition takes place in Lokve in Gorski kotar for the 32nd time this year. During the “Frog Week”, guests are invited to sample various frog specialities and visit the unique Frog Museum.

Frogs are a kind of “trade-mark” of Lokve, a place in Gorski kotar. In the period between 21st and 27th of April, Lokve will host the traditional event called Frog Week, whose highlight will be the Frog Jumping Competition in the traditional Frog Night on the 26th of April. This is the 32nd edition of this event with an expected number of 30 competitors. The frog jumping record was set in 2001 when a frog jumped as much as 140 cm! This most cheerful but also bizarre competition is usually visited by 300 to 350 guests mostly from Zagreb, Opatija and Rijeka, but also from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
It should be mentioned that this international event is under supervision of the Ministry of Culture – Administration for Nature Protection, which takes care that only 80 frogs are caught for the purpose of competition and returned to nature afterwards, since they are an endangered species. This funny event sometimes lasts until early morning hours. During the Frog Week, guests are invited to sample various frog specialities in local restaurants at affordable prices, and view the gastro show in which the Croatian „culinary elite“ demonstrates its cooking skills. Also, do not miss to try the aphrodisiac liqueur called Žablja krv (Frog Blood), made of fruits of the wood.
Children can also participate in the frog jumping competition on the 27th of April, during the 15th Children’s Frog Night, which includes literary and painting competition for children on the subject of Protection of Frogs. A part of the Children’s Frog Night is also an Eco-Quiz and a prize award ceremony for the best children’s works. Just like the adults, children aged from three to fifteen years can take part in the frog jumping competition. The best three among them win valuable prizes, but all the other participants also get symbolic prizes as a kind of souvenir to this original event.
Places that must be visited during the Frog Week are Home of Culture (Dom kulture) in Lokve, where the event takes place, restaurants and the Frog Museum that includes vivariums with five different frog species and more than 1000 exhibits from all over the world. The owner of the museum, Ms Andreja Gašparac-Zorc, can be sure to have one of the most specific museums worldwide.