Kvarner newsletter / no 5

A guide with a unique photo album

Mafini – Album “Island of Rab 2008” is a guide with unique personal photo album in which tourists can insert their own photographs to remind them of their holiday on this island and to share their experience with their friends

Guests visiting Rab now have the possibility of buying a guide with a unique photo album in which they can insert their own photographs. The idea for the Mafini Album “Island of Rab 2008” came from Mr Mathias Finck, a great lover of this Croatian island. This very special guide contains not only the usual information about the history, natural wonders and tourist attractions of the destination, but also includes interesting stories about the inhabitants of Rab, and 240 places for photos that can be inserted by the album’s owner.

The guide was printed in the Croatian, German, English and Italian languages, and its distinctive feature is the fact that it depicts Rab from the perspective of a person who is not native to the island, but is its great fan. The guide also contains useful information, such as where to go to an excursion, buy the original Rab cake, or find a diving location or a good hairdresser.

A guide with a personal photo album can always bring its owner back to the island and remind of the memorable moments spent there with their loved ones. It also provides a good material to be shown to the friends. This album also helps establishing personal connections with the destination, which is then best promoted through the guest’s personal experience.