Kvarner newsletter / no 5

Croatian Walk of Fame in Opatija
Marble stars for great Croatian writers

In addition to a row of great names of Croatian science, literature, arts and sports in the Croatian Walk of Fame in Opatija, two new marble stars will be awarded to the great Croatian female writers Vesna Parun and Ivana Brlić Mažuranić in mid-April

From mid-April, the Croatian Walk of Fame in Opatija will include two new stars, awarded to the great Croatian poet Vesna Parun and, posthumously, the great Croatian writer Ivana Brlić – Mažuranić. With their numerous works, these two ladies, prominent artist, have marked the Croatian literature with works that continue to attract new generations of readers not only from Croatia, but also from the countries where they were translated. 

Vesna Parun published her first poem entitled Pramaljeće already in 1932, when she was only ten years old, in the magazine Anđeo čuvar (Guardian Angel). Six years later she published the poem Zov in the magazine Sljeme, the paper of the male classical gymnasium. This poem already contained the central theme that will mark her later works, praising life, work and courage. Besides poetry, she also wrote children and satirical poems, prose and dramas. During her prolific career, she published more than 60 books of pastry and prose. Four of her dramas were put on stage.

Ivana Brlić – Mažuranić, Croatia’s best known children’s writer, also started writing poetry, essays and diaries at a very early age, but did not publish her works until later. The collection of short stories and poems for children “The Good and the Mischievous” (Valjani i nevaljani) she published in 1902, and gained popularity with the novel “The Marvellous Adventures and Misadventures of Hlapić the Apprentice” (Čudnovate zgode i nezgode šegrta Hlapića), which was published in 1913. The highlight of her literary work is the collection of stories “Tales of Long Ago” (Priče iz davnine), which was translated, just like several other of her works, into many languages.

After awarding stars to Vesna Parun and Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, the Croatian Walk of Fame in Opatija will now include a total of 26 stars that will continue to remind of meritorious persons whose work left significant traces in science, sports, culture and arts.