Kvarner newsletter / no 5

7th ecological, ethnic and wine festival in Krk
Promotion of original Croatian products

The 7th Ecological, Ethnic and Wine Festival, organised by the town of Krk in the period between the 22nd and the 25th of May, presents original Croatian souvenirs with practical value from five Croatian counties

In the period between the 22nd and the 25th of May, the old town of Krk will host the 7th Ecological, Ethnic and Wine Festival including a series of fairs and entertainment programmes. The exhibition will present original Croatian products that have the status of souvenirs with use value, such as high quality wines, cheeses, pršut home-cured ham, various honey products, olive oils, jewellery, clothes etc. The products will be exhibited on stands that are typical of Krk and have been designed to nicely fit into the surrounding area of Krk old town walls.
By organising this exhibition fair, the Town of Krk aims to support and promote the development of family trades manufacturing traditional products and original souvenirs, as well as to make its cultural heritage available to tourists. Wine, cheese, pršut dry-cured ham, traditional hand-made products, handicrafts and clothing items can be very attractive souvenirs that will remind guests of their holidays in Croatia. Projects like this have the aim of promoting traditional values of the regions through a range of new products that will be offered to the guests. The first six years of organising this event in the area of town of Krk resulted in the construction of several rural villas and the first rural wellness complex, and in founding several agricultural associations whose aim is to produce high quality original products such as the original Krk cheese or lamb. In the town of Krk there are several shops specialised in offering original food that are can also be found in large shopping centres under the brand names “Wines of Krk” and “Products of Krk”. The restaurants and taverns of Krk also give their guest the possibility of sampling traditional dishes from the continental parts of the country under the motto “combining the tastes of blue and green Croatia”. For all reasons mentioned, the Ecological, Ethnical and Wine Festival in Krk is an important event promoting original products from the Croatian family trades. This year, the event will promote producers from five Croatian counties and will include a very special journey back in time: just like 500 years ago, members of the Frankopan noble family and representatives of other Croatian regions will walk the streets of Krk, presenting their costumes and reviving the tradition of fairs in Krk.