Kvarner newsletter / no 6

The History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral
Apoxyomenos in Rijeka

After Zagreb, Florence and Osijek, the status of the Greek athlete Apoxyomenos will be exhibited in the History and Maritime Museum in Rijeka until the 25th of June, after which the statue goes to Split.

Until the 25th of June, the inhabitants and visitors of Rijeka will have the chance to see the famous statue of the Greek athlete, Apoxyomenos, in the History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral, which came there after being exhibited in Zagreb, Florence and Osijek. The statue was accidentally discovered in 1996 on the seabed near the small island of Vele Orjule not far from Lošinj by the Belgian diver Renco Wouters, and pulled out of the sea in April 1999.

Apart from some minor damages, the statue is very well preserved, but it was covered with sea plants. With the financial support provided by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the restoration was carried out in the Croatian Conservation Institute by a team of Croatian and Italian experts. The bronze statue of a young athlete cleaning his naked body from dirt and oil after a competition dates to the 4th century BC and represents one of the few original Greek bronze statues worldwide. To thank the Italian experts who took part in this project, the statue of Apoxyomenos was exhibited in Florence for six months, where it was seen by more than 80,000 visitors. After that, the statue was displayed in Zagreb and Osijek, and the next station after Rijeka will be Split. Although several Croatian cities expressed the wish to take care of the statue, it will be permanently hosted in the town in whose area it was discovered – in Mali Lošinj.